Christmas DIY: Yankee Swap Gift

I had to wait to publish this until after I've given this away, but I'm super excited about this year's Yankee swap gift for my work. Unless we make a rule that the Yankee swap has to be a joke gift, I refuse to give something useless. Last year, I gave an Amazon gift card, and everyone wanted it. This year, I gave the best gift of all - cash - but in a creative way.

First of all, I found this idea on Pinterest, so it's not my idea.

Here's my version:

I used cellophane bags I had from card making (purchased at Michaels'). I cut the lettering from the Noel cartridge on my Slice, and I hand cut the gingerbread man. I used a white gel pen for the decorations on the gingerbread man. The bag is sealed to the card stock topper using my ATG gun.

I'm pretty proud of this! :)

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  1. Such a cute idea! I actually haven't seen it on Pinterest yet (I'm surprised!) so I pinned your version! Thanks for sharing!!