Christmas DIY: Staircase and Chandelier

I spent today finishing up most of my Christmas decorations. I still have a couple more things to show you, but here is my completed banister and my dining room chandelier decoration.

I am a terrible bow-tier but I put little bowls around the railing and on top of the green garland, and then used clothespins to hang my Christmas cards that I've received this year.

I tied more bows onto my chandelier. I think it makes the room seem more festive.

Oh, and I also came up with a table centerpiece. It's a work in progress. I want to make little paper ornaments to decorate the branches. But if I don't have time, these look kinda nice as they are, I think:

What's not in the picture is I tied a big silver and white bow around the vase.

I put out Brad's Christmas houses - he's only got 6 houses and very, very few accessories, so there's not much to see here:

I did get a really nice piece of news tonight though - my grandmother said that I can have her village! She's got a bunch of the department 56 houses and accessories. I am very excited. I don't think I'll be putting them up this year, because I'm pretty much decorated out, but next year I'll be able to make a special village in these book cases. I'm excited about this!


  1. The staircase looks amazing! I love the clothespins for the Christmas cards.

    Festive decorating Whittakers! Nice job!

  2. You officially have the most beautiful holiday decor of anyone! I really love the bows on the chandelier! It is a small thing that really adds a lot.

  3. Thank you ladies! :) I am having fun with this! I can't wait until next year, because I'll be able to start my decorations a little earlier and add to what I think is now a nice foundation.

    What I really want someday is to have a nice, full, cozy, over the top decorated house like my mom's. I walk into her house on Christmas Eve and it just feels warm and cozy. My house is so big and we have no carpets downstairs so it just feels cold. The more decorating I'm doing, the cozier it is getting.

    Christmas morning I plan to light the fireplace and hopefully that will really warm things up :)