Tasty Tuesday: A quick, delicious lunch

My lunch today? Mini paninis and sauteed spinach. Took me less than 5 minutes to prepare, start to finish.

Many of you know that I hate cooking. I am a "I want my food ready, now" kinda girl. But this lunch is quick, makes me feel like I'm having more than the boring old sandwich, and is super tasty.

I order bags of baby spinach through Peapod, and I grab a handful and fry it up in margarine with lemon & pepper seasoning. I suppose you can use the cooking spray or olive oil or something a little more healthy than margarine, of course. I just love buttered spinach. 

The paninis I make using this:

I bought this Cuisinart Griddler Panini Press for Brad for his birthday and we use it all the time. It is really quick to heat up. I plug it in while preparing my sandwich, plop it on once the light turns green, and let it sit and cook while I am making my spinach.

My favorite paninis include apple slices, but for a quick work day lunch I just use some cheese, buffalo chicken, and virginia ham on ciabatta bread.

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  1. I get more use out of that thing than any other appliance I own, I swear! fastest sandwich ever for Bry's lunch, and then fastiest sandwich ever for Joel's dinner! I did grilled burritos on there too one day, came out really good!

    I am dreaming about spinach now. I love mine really buttery, too :-)