Some progress

I have my second appointment later today. But I have managed to get a few things rolling on my de-stress list:

  • I started exercising again.
  • I have given up LJ (and, surprisingly, don't miss it).
  • I have given up a lot of TV - most notably, Chelsea Lately. I haven't taped/watched it in well over a month and I am not missing it. 
  • I have been able to change my bedtime/wake times to 11 to 7 now. And I find that even on the weekends I'm waking up at 7. And it's easy. This allows me more time with Austin in the morning.
  • I am using my new planner every day.

I've got a lot more on my list to do, but this is a good start on changing things up. I already find that I am feeling less "rushed."

1 comment:

  1. This is all such great stuff! Progress :-) I am sure your sessions will just get better and better, too!
    I think good sleep & exercise alone will help so much. And all this other stuff... so good!