Project Life: Looking forward

I've gotten behind on my Project Life pages. Several month's behind, actually. However, I'm keeping up with my OhLife and have printed out all my pictures on Shutterfly, so in a couple of weeks I'm planning a day to catch up. (I also need another day to catch up on Austin's scrapbook, too).

Because...I want to start a new binder for 2012! :) The 2012 Project Life products look pretty cool. I want the Cobalt edition binder and card stock, along with some of the great new sizes on the page protectors. I'm excited! I decided not to use my own card stock next year because it was taking me way too much time to pick what I wanted to use and match up an entire layout. So I'll finish up 2011 my way, and start off 2012 with the core kit. This will make keeping up with Project Life MUCH easier!

How about you? Will you be doing Project Life in 2012? If so, which kit is your favorite?

EDIT: I changed my mind! I decided on the Amber core kit! :) After thinking about it I decided the Cobalt was too bold for me. Still waiting for the binder to arrive, but I'm ordering up my pages and core kit today! :)


  1. I will definitely be doing Project life again in 2012! I'm very excited to order up the Clementine kit when it comes out. Loved the torquoise I used this year but ready for something new.
    I went back and forth between the cobalt and clementine for ahwile - but like you I decided cobalt was too bold for me.

  2. Yeah, I really like the Cobalt binder, but I think having the entire album in those colors would get a bit overwhelming visually. I like the fresh, light colors in the Amber and Clementine kits! I like the Turquoise one too but since I've been using the binder I wanted a different one for next year.