Project Life: July 23 - October 21, 2011

Only about a month left to catch up on, woo hoo! Here are pics of my layouts completed so far. They're not all that interesting - that's because I just want to get them DONE!

The first 3 spreads were completed previously but I don't think I ever posted them on the blog:

This one had us giving Austin his first taste of solids, turning 4 months old, and organizing my ribbons.

 Our trip to Vermont to visit Summer at camp, and some fun pics of Austin

A bbq with the Castners and a visit to meet baby Lola :).

And these next ones are the ones I got through tonight.

I grouped periods of time together - months or a couple of weeks at a time. Picture-wise, this worked best for me. The layout above shows our trip to Plymouth, and Austin turning 5 months old during Hurricane Irene.

Apple picking with the Castners and Austin turning 6 months old. He also went on the Mount Washington boat that month. 

And our Disney trip, and Gizmo passing away. :(

I plan to finish my catch up tomorrow night. I think it'll give me a huge feeling of relief to have this all done. I'll be able to finish up 2011 weekly once again, and then start off 2012 with the new kit and clean, fresh, pre-designed layouts.


  1. I love this! You did such a great job with it. :-)

    When y'all were in Disney, who took care of Austin? He didn't go with you, right?

  2. Good job catching up! You busted those out like nobody's business! Go Melissa.

    I love the pictures of Austin in that little tub thingy with the balls. SO adorable!

  3. He stayed with my mom :) She watches him 4 days a week anyway so he is very comfortable there.