Product Review: Scotch ATG

A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling through the Splitcoaststampers forums and came across a recommendation for this great adhesive runner, the Scotch 85 1/4-Inch ATG Advanced Tape Glider. I read some reviews and they were really great, so I ordered it up. I must say, I am not disappointed!

I finally got the chance to try it out tonight. You definitely have to read the directions for loading the tape cartridge carefully (or watch the YouTube videos), but once it is loaded it applies adhesive like a dream.

It IS big - but it's very lightweight and applies straight and even so the size is not a problem. The adhesive is SUPER strong - as good as the red tacky tape that I buy. I did a small test strip and stuck two pieces of paper together. It bonded instantly and when I tried to pull the papers apart they ripped.  It will be perfect for making my own envelopes. I hear that the adhesive rolls last much, much longer than the little ones you get for $7 (for a refill) at the craft stores. There is 216 feet of adhesive (and again, it is SUPER permanent) on each roll, vs. the Michaels' mini tape runners which have 52 feet per refill roll. And two refill rolls only cost $7 on Amazon! The runner itself plus 2 refills is less than $20. A very inexpensive, awesome investment!

I wouldn't use this adhesive for scrapbooking - I like to use a less permanent adhesive for photos in case I ever need to remove them, but for making envelopes or cards, or other paper crafts, this adhesive is beyond perfect!

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