Making Memories Slice - Review

Friday night, I was feeling blue. A dinner date with my bestest, Shannon, brightened my night, as did a Mai Tai and this fabulous clearance purchase from Joann's.

I got the original Making Memories Slice cordless design cutter. The one shown above is the Elite but they are pretty much identical in appearance.  Here's mine:

I was able to pick it up for just 49.99.

I have been debating on whether to invest in an electronic die cut machine (such as Cricut) for a long time, but I just couldn't justify the initial price and maintenance cost of a Cricut, not to mention the cost of the cartridges. The Slice is really all I need. It cuts most designs from 1" to 4" in size - perfect for some of the Christmas crafts I have in mind.

The Slice came with the basic design card:

And I picked up this Christmas one too (called Noel):

Not only does the Slice cut, but it embosses too, with the addition of embossing tips. I snatched them on clearance at Michaels.

I tested the word "Noel":

You can even draw the designs using drawing tips. I haven't picked them up yet but they're on my Christmas wish list.

There's a sale on design cards at the Slice website, so Brad is going to pick up a couple of cards for me for my Christmas gift as well - super excited!

Now, I almost couldn't make this post, because of an issue I had with the Slice out of the box. When I tried to go ahead and cut with it the first time, the mechanism that lifts the blade up and down wasn't functioning properly, and so I was getting big slices right through my designs. After some online research I found a solution - a little WD40 to loosen up the mechanism seems to do the trick. One other thing - I think the Slice has a similar problem to many rechargeable batter operated units, in that it just doesn't hold a good charge. No bother - I don't NEED it to be cordless, and the cord that comes with the Slice is really, really long, so I just use it plugged in. The combination of the WD40 and plugging in the unit to use solved my problem, and I've since made several cuts without issue.

I'll be picking up the hands free mat at Michaels (also on clearance) tomorrow, because holding the unit while it is cutting is a bit annoying, and tough to get the right pressure (too much and the blade can't move freely enough, too little and the unit moves and your designs are wonky).

I tried out the layering feature and I'm quite impressed. You cut the first image on normal, and then do it again on the layer mode:

Then you can stack them together:

Pretty cool, huh?

So, the Making Memories Slice does have some quirks/issues. I hear the replacement blades wear out quickly, but they give you a blade and 5 replacements with the unit, and a pack of 5 replacements is only $10 on Amazon. The Slice is much more affordable in the short and long term than a Cricut, so if you don't need to cut large designs, this is a good option. I'm thrilled! :)


  1. This is awesome! So glad it works (and that you got it to work after fearing that it didn't!) $50 well spent, I say! Can't wait to see what else you do with it!

    Side note : They've been playing all these TV commercials for the Cricut machine. And I always thought it was "cry-cut" I had NO idea it was "cricket" /woops!

  2. Oh don't feel bad. I've done that too and pretty sure a lot of people pronounce it both ways! That's how it is spelled!