DIY planner and a freebie!

One of the items I need to get things on track for 2012 is a planner. I've tried electronic ways of maintaining a planner and it just doesn't work for me. It's back to paper.

The problem I have with planners is that they are never exactly what I want. So I decided to make my own. I designed the weekly pages in Photoshop Elements, printed out the monthly pages from, made a pocket for notes, and spiral bound it! I made the cover with chipboard and scrapbook paper.

I wanted the weekly pages to have a section where I could map out my time/schedule appointments, along with a place for daily to-dos (which I often end up writing on a post-it). I also left a blank column because I thought it would be fun to stamp some images each week and color them in/doodle a bit. Something to pretty up my pages a little.



  1. This is really really neat! I'm like you and always have a hard time finding the perfect one. It never really dawned on me to make my own! so genius.

  2. Thank you! :) Yes, there is always a bunch of stuff I don't need or titles or font I don't care for or it is specific dates and I want to start now. Something I don't like about pretty much every planner out there. Making it myself allows me to put in only what I need and how I want it.