Craft show update

Emails flew back and forth Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday went by with NO response or update by the two people running the show, even though a good dozen of the vendors wrote requesting an update, a listing of sales, or for their names NOT to be given to the police (due to not actually participating in the event, which seems valid).

Last night one crafter wrote back in big block letters to take her name off the email chain. Knowing who this person was because of a description from Brad when he'd returned from the show, I decided to be nasty and write back "We were asked to reply all, but good to see that you're being helpful." One of the crafters who has over $800 worth of missing inventory wrote back to me directly thanking me for it, saying she loved that reply :).

Finally we get an update this morning with no mention of when we can expect our sales listings (nevermind actual payment) and a pretty crappy response about filing a police report about the missing items. One person wrote back saying "without our sales, how do we know if we have missing items?" I stepped in again this morning and was pretty blunt about saying, where the hell are our sales lists and why haven't you guys responded to these requests?

EDIT: Another nasty reply, instructing us that "as stated, 7-10 days for sales listings."

First, no email (I went through them) ever mentioned 7-10 days for a listing of our sales. Second, with theft being a major concern, getting sales out to the crafters to accurately assess what is missing should be top priority. Third, 7-10 days to reconcile a few hundred (possibly) receipts is unacceptable.

Cross any future shows with these ladies off my list. Too bad, because a consignment show for a small registration fee was a really good idea.

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  1. Man, they totally screwed this show up! I can't believe it's so disorganized, and they seem very reluctant to try to make everything right. Ugh.