2012: A head start

I've gotten a head start on my resolutions.

I've started exercising, and put into my planner to exercise every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday going forward.

I've put in the first few weeks of the new year, the nights I'd mentioned I was going to schedule:

  • Mondays for general crafts
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays for business crafts
  • Wednesdays for relaxing/reading/meeting up with friends
  • Friday is my current "free" day - usually we do something as a family that night or it's just winding down from the week. This night can be swapped with another night as things come up.
  • Saturday is for staying organized and keeping the house clean
  • Sunday is for memory keeping (Project Life)

All of this, of course, after Austin's gone to bed. (I'll have 3-4 hours each night, as he generally goes to bed around 7 and I go to bed by 11 now).

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