Website Wednesday: I Heart Organizing

The last time I had this feeling, it was when I stepped into The Container Store. You see, I love containers. But I love empty containers even more. And I love to organize. The Container Store married both passions.

Yesterday I found this website and that same feeling came right over me. A feeling of oh my gosh, heaven! (I'd like to note here that it is possible that Mama Castner linked this site for me months ago but I never got around to checking it out).

I'm currently happily clicking my way through her project gallery, dreaming of starting a major house re-org project in the near future (probably right after the holidays) and pinning away over on Pinterest. (Which I simply CANNOT stop pronouncing "Pin-Interest"). I'm pretty much intending to come home tonight and organize my junk drawer.

And one of my favorite posts right now shows off how she does her meal planning. Loving the checklists!

Finding this site has me itching to organize. I started last night with those junk drawers, and tonight I am planning to set up a mail/coupon/shopping station in the kitchen and get started on the office filing system. I'll have to put the organization on hold next week to start on my craft show products, but at least I can feel good about getting a few of the things off my to-do list!

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