To Do List: Q4 Edition

I've got a lot I'd like to do. I can't realistically do it all. At least, not all right now. So I'm prioritizing what needs to get done by New Year's with what I want to do by New Year's and what doesn't have to get done until 2012. Let's give it a shot. I'm even creating a tag so I can go back and edit this as things are completed.

Top Priority
  • Pass along Austin's outgrown clothes (I have an income-challenged family in need)
  • Halloween Party
    • Decor
    • Food
    • Prep/setup
    • Cleanup
    • Edit/distribute photos
  • Craft Shows/Etsy
    • Holiday card sets
    • Single holiday cards
    • Mini calendars
    • Mini recipe books
    • Magnets
    • Mini Albums
    • Misc (photo frames, envelopes, note cards) 
    • Scrap Busting Week (cards, tags, misc)
  • Christmas
    • Shopping
    • Gift wrap
    • Mail Holiday cards
    • Decorating
Medium Priority
  • Get Organized (see Website Wednesday's post on 10/12)
    • Junk Drawers 
    • Car
    • Kitchen
    • Office
      • Filing system 
    • Kitchen Mail/Coupon/Shopping Station
      • Coupon Envelopes
    • Family Binder
    • Master Bedroom
    • Linen Closets
    • Bathrooms
    • Laundry Room
    • Garage
    • Craft Room (this one's never ending)
    • Austin's Bedroom
    • Child Proofing - Medicines/Cleaning Supplies Consolidation 
  • Project Life Catchup
Low Priority(2012)
  • Scrapbooking
  • Etsy
    • Vintage Shop
    • Whatever, just keep making!
    • Jewelry?
  • Home Decor projects
    • Seasonal Dry Erase Checklist
    • Seasonal Frame Art
Not listed here, but always the number one top priority - spending time with Austin. The goal is to get myself organized, get my realistic to do list started, and send the very low priority stuff (not listed) packing like Project 365, silly TV shows I'd previously DVR'd, and shopping IN a grocery store.

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