Sew Easy

I can't sew. Which is pretty incredible considering my grandmother and mother both sew for a living. My mom is known across the country as pretty much the best vintage/antique doll costumer in the business. And I can't sew for crap. I've tried. I once made a valance for my condo - with my mother helping me pretty much the entire time. That's as much as I've ever been able to accomplish.

But lately I've been seeing all kinds of cards and tags with stitching on them, and I so badly wish I could do it too.

The idea of borrowing a sewing machine and having to learn (for the 100th time) how to thread it, let alone stitch with it, makes me shudder.

Enter Sew Easy, a purchase I made last week that I cannot wait to try:

This tool makes it really easy to add stitching to your projects without a sewing machine! Woo hoo! It has interchangeable heads that make different pierced patterns, and then you use a needle and thread/twine/whatever to stitch through the holes. I am so excited to give this a shot, and probably even pick up more heads. I want to use it with my baker's twine. For now, I've only picked up the straight head, but there are fifteen different heads to choose!

The tool is relatively inexpensive, too. I think I paid $11.99 at my local ink shop, but I found it on Amazon here.

I'm hoping to break this baby out this week, so stay tuned for a follow up post with pictures of what I make :)


  1. I have seen this! What a cool tool!

    I don't sew either - and my grandmother (in an attempt to get me to sew) bought me a sewing machine for my 30th. It's still sitting in the box because I have no desire to try to learn it! Maybe someday!!
    Did you ever make a pillow in Home Ec. in middle school? I remember my pillow I don't remember the process though! :-)

    But this tool is definitely a good way to incorporate stitching in your paper projects!

  2. Actually no we made tote bags!

    Thats funny about the sewing machine!

  3. I can do little stuff for you with my machine any time!

  4. You know how to sew? I had no idea! I didn't even know you owned a sewing machine! Ha!