Sad post is sad :(

My 19 year old kitty, Gizmo, passed away today. He was "fine" yesterday (really, as good as a 19 year old kitty with hyperthyroidism can be), but when I came in this morning to give him his medicine and food, he didn't come out of his cage where he sleeps. I looked in and thought he was gone, but when I took the cover of the box off he moved slightly, and let out a soft moan, and I could see he was still breathing.

I had Brad come home and I sat with Gizmo until he arrived. I put him in a towel in my lap and just stroked him and told him how much I loved him. Brad came home and he took over sitting with Gizmo while I showered and dressed, and then together we took him to our vet. Thankfully he didn't suffer long - he didn't show any real signs of anything yesterday. He did give some odd meows last night but I checked on him and he was fine, and so did Brad. I'm glad I had the time to spend with him this morning.

I shed a few tears but more at the vet. Brad was fine until we arrived at the vet. When we went into the room to wait for our doctor, he broke down a bit. I hadn't expected that (even he hadn't expected that). It hurt me to see him cry. Something I'm not used to.

I got Gizmo as a present for my 12th birthday. He was born in February of 1993, and lived to October of 2011. Over five of which was on daily medication for hyperthyroid. In 2006 part of his tail was amputated because it got caught in the bathroom door, and they diagnosed him with hyperthyroid the same weekend. No one really expected him to make it more than a year or two, but he hung in there. He was happy until the end.

It is really sad that he is gone now, but at the same time a bit of a relief. There's no more waiting, no more worrying. He's in a better place now with all the other pets of ours he outlived.

Farewell, dear, sweet kitty. You were my first "baby" and I'll never forget you.


  1. Goodbye my little buddy :-( you were so adorably mean to me when we were kids :-) but I just knew you'd come around! And then you gave me a squeaky meow and a headbutt-kitty-hug and I knew you liked me too!

    You were the very best friend to my best friend, and I know that none of us will ever forget you!

  2. He was a beautiful cat, sending you love and hugs and prayers tonight. (and always)

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Gizmo was a beautiful cat. The rainbow bridge must have needed some more kitty angels on Fridayy. We lost our 14 year old precious kitty that night. It is hard to believe that such a little being can intertwine itself into so much of every thing in your life. I know from personal experience how much your heart must be breaking. It is so hard to lose our little furry pets, but the joy and memories they leave behind makes it worth the pain in the end. They will live on forever in our hearts. Maybe Gizmo and LC are playing together on the other side of that rainbow bridge.

    1. Oh you're very sweet. Thank you for this kind comment :)