Re-purpose Gerber baby food containers

I've been saving all of the baby food containers that Austin's food comes in. I know there's a craft use out there and I'll wish I had them, so I don't dare toss them in the recycling. I did find some cute ideas (posts about these to come in the future) but for now, I'm using them for this:

Each week I make a big batch of homemade salsa, and I started using the baby food containers to package the salsa up for snacks. The containers are the perfect snack size (3.5 ounces).

If anyone has any other great ideas for baby food containers, I'd love it if you'd post them in the comments!

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  1. do they have lids? or do you just use plastic wrap?
    I love little containers, too! So good for salsa, like you do! Also good for dressings, peanut butter, cream cheese... all those things that are best pre-portioned.

  2. I love those containers. I hate to throw them away, tried freezing my homemade baby food in them, but they don't stand up to repeat microwaving.