Racetrack Fun

Just a few photos tonight. You can view these and a couple of others here.

Race Track 1 Race Track 4 Race Track 2 Race Track 3

Brad and I have never actually been on the race track cars at Magic Kingdom. For some reason this is one of those rides that always has a long line so we skip it. This trip we did a bunch of things, saw a bunch of things, that we'd never tried or seen before. We slowed down a bit and enjoyed these new experiences. I let Brad drive the car and snapped a few photos. We just could not stop laughing as we "zoomed" around the track! 

The Disney photographers were really great about taking photos with my camera as well as theirs. This is awesome because we were able to get many pictures of the two of us together at Magic Kingdom. I wasn't so lucky at Universal - they only seem to have photographers at the front of the park and we were in a rush to get to Harry Potter so we didn't get the chance.

EDIT: One thing I notice about WordPress vs. Blogger - when I upload pics to Blogger the quality is slightly reduced. You'll see if you click on the photo of us - the WordPress image it is linked to is less "grainy." 

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  1. this pictures of brad are fantastic!! He is so funny, and that looks like a blast :-)