Organizing a junk drawer (for free!)

I caught the organizing bug today and so as soon as Austin went down for the night, I went to work organizing our two junk drawers.

Here are the before photos:

First, I emptied both drawers and cleaned them with Clorox wipes:

I put everything into a big pile:

Next I sorted the stuff that could be quickly sorted, leaving a pile of random stuff to take a little more time going through:

Some of this stuff I threw out (old phonebooks, miscellaneous paperwork not needed, duplicate menus):

I relocated some items that had homes elsewhere (craft supplies, dirty socks?!, owner's manuals):

Here's what remained to be sorted into the two drawers:

I didn't want to buy drawer organizers, and I had loads of small containers that I wasn't using. I also made use of a cardboard box top. You can use whatever you have around the house too - small tupperware containers, box tops, or those Gerber baby food containers! I actually have a HUGE box of those plastic screw tight containers for storing beads. I used to store my beads in them but found a better way and so I have hundreds of empty ones that I have no idea what to do with. I even have some still in the packages.

I sorted things into these containers - pens into the box top, tools into the long gray container, batteries and picture hanging stuff and other odds and ends into the plastic dishes.

Here are the organized drawers:

The drawer in the top photo is all the food-related stuff - utensils, plastic bags and wraps, our rolling pin, Brad's apron, paper lunch sacks. The bottom photo is our true "junk" drawer - batteries, picture hooks, tools, menus, and odds and ends.

Here are a couple of close ups of that junk drawer:

Of course I went back into my last post and crossed the junk drawers off my list!

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  1. Oh geez, I need to do this SO badly! I have 5 junk drawers in my kitchen. Any drawer anywhere always turns into JUNK. I love your use of the little containers, I really need to take a cue from you and get-to-gettin' on mine!