Monday Mumbles

I am (oh so slowly) figuring out my new camera. I have two lenses, the kit lens and then the 50mm. I also have macro extension tubes. Learning what lens (or tubes) to use, for what situations, is a struggle, but I'm getting it.

I am loving the detail I get in my photos. I love that the camera allows so much light in when the room is dark. On my point and shoots, I would always, always, get so much noise in my indoor pictures. No more of that now :)

Where I live, we get very little natural light inside the house. Add what feels like a month of rain to it and I'm forced to take photos indoors. So I've set up a little "studio" in my craft room with two lamps. I picked up two natural light CFL bulbs at Lowes that seem to work really well for mimicking soft, natural light without yellowing like my daylight bulbs were doing. And they don't get hot, which is nice. I use a thick piece of white foam board as my background. It's not ideal, but it's...sufficient. :) I don't think I'm going to be able to get proper natural light until we move to the attic and put in the skylights.

Anyway, this weekend I took some product shots, and this was one of them. I love the bokeh.

In other news, I sold a couple of Halloween cards through Etsy, and put the rest of them up. I also made up a new spider card, because there is a possibility of them being featured in an article tomorrow. (I don't know if it will happen but I was asked to submit high res photos for the article). I ordered up a bunch of the spider web paper so that I can make multiples of the cards if they are featured and start selling.

Other stuff - I went to a bunch of stores and picked up the supplies for my Halloween crafts for the party on Friday evening. Saturday I took Austin to visit my mom at her big doll convention (she's been preparing for it for a couple of YEARS and, turns out, she did extremely well). I then went over to the Castner's to see their new house. Sunday I woke up feeling like a lazy lump and opted not to craft because I thought I would end up just staring at the table instead of doing anything. So I cleaned our master bedroom and bathroom (like, super duper clean - it's SO nice), made chicken soup, did the laundry and put it away (6 loads!), put a bunch of stuff up online and made the previously mentioned spider card. Oh, and I did 2 weeks worth of grocery shopping in just 10 minutes from my iPhone! I love Peapod!

And then this morning I woke up to more rain, my fence install being delayed (again), my 19 year old cat's butt exploding all over my laundry room, and annoying coworkers. Yes, it's going to be a fabulous Monday.


  1. I'm definitely having the same kind of monday!
    zero sleep last night (which makes 3 nights in a row), washing machine is broken and can't do laundry (so I can't wash my ONE pair of non-corgi-eaten pants!), and had to make a vet appt, because Chai has some big mass on her chest!
    Usually, I like mondays! but today is sucking and its only 10am!

    But, on a good note (not sure why I just complained so much on your blog. haha sorry about that!) - That picture is gorgeous!and I can't wait to see more!