Halloween DIY: Mobile

This project didn't turn out anything like I'd planned. This was my inspiration. Mine looks nothing like it, and I personally feel it looks awful. (Brad says differently). Anyway, this is my last DIY project for this Halloween, so here are some close ups for you.

First, the wood wreath form and the black fabric came from Dollar Tree.

There was no way I could really get it to mimic the tulle in the inspiration mobile, so instead I kind of draped the fabric around the wreath form, intending it to be a little...creepyish.

I used black cording to tie 6 long strands to the wreath form. For the ends, I took these wooden Halloween...things...that Shannon picked up (at Michaels?). I used tacky tape to stick them to black paper, punched a hole in the paper and attached an eyelet to tie the string through.

Then I punched out 24 circles from my scrap Halloween paper, and, using foam adhesive, stuck them together with the cord in the middle on each strand. Two double sided circles per strand.

I don't love it, but it does the job.

What do you think? Ugly? Or cool? You won't hurt my feelings if you say it's ugly. That's kinda how I feel about it.


  1. I actually think I like yours a lot better than your inspiration one. I like how busy hers is on the hanging parts, so many doo-dads. But I much prefer the fabric you used over the tulle that she used.
    I think it's super cute! And glad you found a use for those wood shapes! (yep, they were from Michael's dollah dollah bin y'all!)

  2. Oh, gosh, thank you! :) That makes me feel better. Brad HAS to like everything I make (he will never tell me if he hates it), but I know you're honest with me! Thanks :)

  3. I love the halloween patterned paper you used. I think it came out great!