Halloween DIY: Dixie Cup Garland

I started my Halloween decorations this weekend. Tonight, I made my Dixie cup garland.

I got the idea here. I started out with the idea that I'd make cups for Christmas too, but after making this one, I'm not sure this is a project I'll repeat. It just isn't as easy as it looks.

First, the Dixie cups Brad bought are waxy. So it's tough to make the scrapbook paper stick to the cup. They were also flower patterned, so I had to cut another sheet of white paper to line the inside of the cups so the flowers didn't show. You have to cut open a cup, and use that to trace all your cutouts. Find some double sided sticky stuff that seems to make the paper stick to the cup and also use some Scotch tape to hold the paper together. (Because of the waxy cups, just using double sided tape doesn't keep the paper attached to the cup). There are 22 cups on the strand - but 60 light bulbs, so we had to hide the extra ones behind the curtain, which is why you see lights down the left side. Sometimes the cups fall off the bulbs. (Not sure how to fix this problem, I used an 'x' pattern to make the slit for the light to fit through. Perhaps if you just make a single slit mark?). Anyway, I didn't enjoy this project so I doubt I'll try it again.

I have also completed my punch art frames, but Brad isn't putting them up until tomorrow, so you'll have to wait for pics of those!


  1. This is SOOOOO cute! I am so afraid of starting a fire, so I'd be too scared to do it! But I think thats because we still use the same lights that we used when I was a kid, they get SO hot.

    Seriously cute! gorgeous pictures, too!

  2. Me too but these are led lights so they don't get hot!