Filing and a little bit of stress

The past two days (and I'm only halfway through), I've been hiding in our filing room at work, organizing. This is awesome because a) the days go faster when I have a project and b) I love to organize. This task essentially involves taking 3" sized binders full of 6-10 years worth of paperwork, removing the pages, banding them and labeling them and cataloging them, and then storing them in boxes to go off-site. I have already gone through aprpoximately 200 binders, with another 50 or so to go, and then I have to start on what is actually IN the cabinets. (Yes, these binders were just piling up on top of our cabinets. It was a nightmare. I should have taken a before picture).

I'm starting to get a little nervous about the party this weekend. The forecast now does not look great. Which probably means we won't be able to make use of our backyard. Which also means that my pictures I want to take are going to probably be limited to indoors. And I'm not really confident in my ability to get great indoor pictures. I'll do my best, and I'm sure it'll be good enough for everyone (it's not like they're paying for them), but still. I want everything to be perfect and I want everyone to have a good time and I am starting to lose confidence in my ability to throw a great party.


  1. Just remember! The only thing you need for a good party is - good people. And you got that already!
    Aside from that - some food, and a bathroom. check, and check! It will be awesome!

  2. We will all have a good time! I know I am very much looking forward to it - and also remember with kiddos sometimes things don't always go according to plan but that is okay! If the kiddos sleep well that night you'll know they had a fun filled day :-) And I think the parents will just be happy to talk to other adults :-) It will be great!