Fall Photo Shoot

We had our photo shoot with Jennifer Millian today. I took the opportunity to take a few (ok, a lot) of photos with my own camera. Here are a few of my shots. Hers will come out much nicer, of course :)

And I took him outside at home for just a couple more shots in his costume:

Poor little guy has a cold, but he was a trooper. And he has a huge pimple on the side of his cheek which I used iPhoto to retouch out.

I should have the pro shots in a few weeks from Jen :) Those will have full family shots, including some on the steps of the church and on the rocks in front by the water too.


  1. Beautiful pictures!!! He is the cutest sack o' potatoes I ever saw!! :-)

    Great shots!!!

  2. This kid. stops my heart with his cuteness!

    Can't wait to see the full shoot...
    and what a good doobie, making it through even though he's sick. Such a good boy!

  3. I love him.

    These are too sweet!