Austin's School Pictures

Austin's daycare does a picture day like they do in school. Expensive as hell for the full package (and of course, they print the whole package for you to "review," and since I'm a sucker for photos, we bought it. I made scans of the 8x10s to share:

That kid smiles all the time except when a professional camera comes out. Keeping my fingers crossed for today's photo shoot with Jen. (I'll be taking my new camera along, hoping to get a few good shots myself).


  1. Haha! These are adorable though :-) He's just practicing his GQ smoldering stare!

  2. Love his outfit!

    Cameron has never smiled for school pictures - I attribute it to the fact that mommy isn't there with him when he gets school photos done. :-)

  3. GQ! Haha!

    Lindsay that is interesting!

    Thanks ladies!

  4. Evangeline is the same way when she sees a camera, my giggly happy girl gets all pensive.

    These pics of Austin are so cute!!! <3

  5. Oh my frack, he is SUPER cute!