Austin is 7 Months Old

Austin turned 7 months old today. That is...insane. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown. Yes, sometimes I miss the newborn cuddly stage, but he's becoming so much fun now that I think I like this stage better.

He doesn't crawl yet but he pushes up on his hands and knees, so it can't be long. He does scootch himself around backwards, and in circles, just not actually crawling. He loves it when you hold his hands and he can walk though. He's getting really good at it. His balance is fantastic. He doesn't get himself into a sitting position on his own yet, but he will sit if you put him down that way for quite awhile before he decides he's done and lays back down or flops onto his belly.

He loves all food. Everything you put in his mouth makes him smile and laugh. Feeding him is a riot, because he opens his mouth up wide like a baby bird for the food.

And, as always, sleeps straight through the night. He actually tends to get a bit fussy around 6pm, close to bed time. He goes down at 7, and sleeps all the way to between 5 and 6 am. Brad feeds him and then he goes back down until about 8 am. If he wakes before 8 am and mom and dad are still sleeping, he'll play quietly in his crib. In the mornings he's very patient.

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  1. I remember loving 7 months. It's definitely a fun age! And it just keeps getting more and more fun!