10 Great Mod Podge Projects

I want to take some time to talk about Mod Podge. What is Mod Podge, you ask? It is pretty much the superhero of the crafting world. It can be used in so many ways, the project possibilities are endless. It's a glue, a sealer, a decoupage medium, a glaze. It's what I use in my glass magnets, the frame I made for Austin, my mini albums and address books...the list goes on and on.

I decided I'd round up a bunch of project ideas for you all so you can see for yourselves all the uses for Mod Podge. You can pick it up at Michaels or order it on Amazon.

How about re-finishing a bar stool?

Or making old shoes new again?

Creating custom plates to match your kitchen?

Making your own coasters?

Perhaps you might like to create some new art for your walls?

How about a chest of drawers for bathroom necessities?

Making some fun rocks - for kids or decorations?

Making some cute hangers for your baby's or kid's (or even your) closet?

Refreshing a tired ceiling fan?

Or, just in time for Halloween, how about making these pumpkins?

What about you? Do you use Mod Podge? What are some things you've created? I'd love it if you'd link to your own tutorials and projects in the comments! I may feature it on my blog :)

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