$1 Customizable iPhone case

I saw this product the other day. And I thought, wow, that is really cool. Maybe I'll buy one.

Then I thought better of it, and realized that sitting at home, I had a $1 clear iPhone 4 case that I bought at Dollar Tree.

I'd bought this when I first got my iPhone, intending to try it out and if I liked it, I'd buy a more expensive one. Turns out, this $1 case is actually quite solid - as solid as the other cases you'd buy at the mall kiosks for $20-$30.

So I set out to make a fall themed case. I picked out some paper scraps I had leftover from my fall Dixie cup garland:

I traced the cell phone case onto the back of the paper (do this so that you cut the camera hole in the right place so the side of the paper you want to show through does properly).

Then I cut out the traced shape, cutting just inside the traced lines so it would fit. You can do some trimming if your paper doesn't quite fit in the case. I had to do a little extra trimming in the camera hole so the paper didn't cover the lens.

Put your cell phone into the case and done!

There you have it. A completely customizable iPhone case for just $1. I plan to make lots more - including using pictures!


  1. Wow! I've never been much of a crafts person (mostly because I'm not good at them; those glass pebble magnets I saw on your blog last year about killed me when I made some for my family for Christmas), but I LOVE your iPhone case idea and Brad's acrylic razors from another post. Two thumbs up for two very cool (and functional!) craft ideas!

  2. I neeeeeeeed this! :-) I love changing my case all the time, and this is just... genius! I need to find a cheap-o case pronto!

  3. check out Dollar Tree (I think I got this one up at the one in Tyngsboro) or 5 Below might also have them. :) There's also some pretty cheap ones on Amazon if you have no luck at those stores.