Weekend Recap

I love four day work weeks :)

We had a nice night away in Plymouth, MA on Sunday night, and it was just glorious. My mom watched the little one. We had a room with a balcony that overlooked Plymouth Harbor. The weather was absolutely perfect. We slowed things down, and just strolled the town and the historical sites, had some really great food, some nice adult time, and rested and relaxed. Sigh. :)

Here are some cell phone photos I took. (I did take pictures on my camera but who knows when I'll have time to upload them here! I'll save them for a future photo post).

The view from our balcony - you can see the harbor behind the buildings:

Where we had lunch on Sunday. I had fried clam strips! :) Yum!

View of the Harbor:

View of Plymouth Rock:

All the panoramic photos were created on my phone using AutoStitch.

Us in front of the Mayflower II:

As far as the rest of the weekend went, Saturday was pretty much all work for me. I punched and put together 15 mini notebooks, with another 15 half completed that I'll do a few each night. Sunday we hit the flea market and I picked up this wooden wagon for Austin, identical to the one my mom used to pull me around the flea market in:

We will give it a light sanding and a fresh coat of red paint and it'll be like new again :) It was in really great condition, and we paid $25 for it. (My mom said that when mine was new, 30 years ago, it cost about $80 at the time).

I also picked up some more rubber stamps - this cute little all occasion set and a beautiful cherry blossom stamp:

Also picked up - two sets of vintage-style number flash cards, perfect for notebooks, a very large box of old photographs and a few postcards/greeting cards for $10 (probably 100+ photos in the box), another box of large 8x10 old photo prints that I think I can re-sell for $5 for the box (I think there's 100 in there?), some maps, an early 1900's map book, and a book by Jack Frost, autographed. ($1!). Also some nice silver frames (free, to me, because my mom paid $5 for a huge bag of stuff) and for $2, a big binder full of Pokemon cards. I have to look those up, because some of them are the foils, so perhaps they're actually re-sellable, and if not, I thought they'd be cute mini notebook covers. :)

Back to the grind this week - I started gluing up mini albums last night - 5 different ones, doubles of each. A few nights on those and then it's recipe books. Lots to do before the show, less than 2 weeks away! :)


  1. Looks like a great weekend! :-) The weather was gorgeous! It must have been nice to get away!

    Awesome find with the wagon!

  2. Beautiful! So glad you had a nice time... just the two of you!