Various Projects: Sheet Music Envelopes, Glass Magnets, Scrabble Tile Pendant

Today has been a frustrating day. One of those days where nothing I did went right. I ripped small holes in a couple of the envelopes and had to make new ones. I am struggling (and I mean STRUGGLING) with finding the right way to glue the magnets to the back of the glass gems, and I accidentally put embellishments on what was supposed to be the back cover of two mini albums so I need to add new back covers. Groan.

Anyway, here's a peek at what I've been doing. Under the jump because there are too many pictures.

First, the scrabble pendant:

I plan to make scrabble tile pendants with cute paper on the front and the letter on the back like you find all over Etsy, but first I wanted to test the glue and glaze I picked up, so I made myself an M pendant just for me.

For this one, since I wasn't trying the paper, all I needed were the supplies below:

First, I put the glaze over the top of the pendant, all the way to the edges, being careful to try to remove as many bubbles as possible. (Not an easy thing to do and I didn't do a great job at it).

Let the glaze dry at least overnight, and then you can attach the pendant. Careful, this glue is not only stinky, but toxic. You MUST use in a ventilated area.

This glue should be let to dry for 24 hours.

Next up, my glass magnets. I made 15 sets - 5 each of maps, vintage sheet music, and security envelopes.

A major problem I've run into with thinner paper than card stock - the glued area shows through the magnet, so it ends up there's a dark circle in the center. Hmmm. I'd finally figured out the proper way to glue the magnets for the security envelopes and finished those up, and then I tried the same method for the music ones. I tried one, it worked ok, so I glued all of them and didn't pay attention until I'd finished gluing all 25 magnets. And then I noticed all the dark spots. I almost cried. It was the end of the day after screwing up the mini albums and I just wanted to give up.

So I have tried something else that I think is going to work, but first I needed to re-glue all the sheet music ones and let them dry, and then glue all the map ones (and later the sheet music ones) to a sheet of card stock. And swap from the super glue that Brad had given me to the glue you see above with the pendants. The good news is, it works. I've tested a few (this time I got smart) and they worked. Phew. Problem solved, just more work for me in the next couple of days.

Anyway, pictures of those:

I did find that you can buy a bag of glass gems at Dollar Tree for $1, where it will cost $5 for a bag at Michaels. The only difference I can see is that the Dollar Tree bags will occasionally have a few cloudy gems in them, but for $1 a bag you can get 5 bags to sort through vs. the 1 at Michaels.

I've packed them up in cellophane bags, on a piece of Kraft card stock.

And finally, sheet music envelopes. 

I picked up 3 books of saxophone sheet music at the flea market a few weeks ago - $1 for all 3! Two books are from 1927, and one is from 1908. Pretty neat. I used one book today to make 5 sets of map envelopes:

The glue I use for these is actually Elmer's craft bond glue - a double ended tube bottle picked up at Dollar Tree! I bought 3 of them, actually. This stuff would cost at least $5 at Michaels. I love Dollar Tree!

That's it. I'm off to bed. I'm beat. Shannon is coming over tomorrow and to save my sanity I'm swapping back to card sets.

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