Totally looking forward to...

Our upcoming trip to Disney/Universal Orlando. See, when I was 28 weeks pregnant, we went to Disney after Christmas through New Years Day.

It was, for the most part (I really did enjoy the Christmas lights-they were spectacular), a miserable trip for me. I was uncomfortable, tired, and emotional. My brand new camera (not the one I just bought) broke two days into the trip. New Years Eve was nice, but so crowded I actually feared for my safety leaving the park that night. And when we visited Univeral, there were exactly two rides I could go on in both parks - both kiddie rides.

So, Brad and Summer came off the Harry Potter ride and Brad immediately promised me he would take me on a special trip down to Universal just so that I could experience it to, because he said it was THAT good. I, of course, made him stick to his word and as soon as flights opened up, we booked our weekend trip.

I am so excited for this trip. I've been daydreaming about it a lot recently, and thought I'd post a few pictures of what we should be experiencing.

First, we'll be staying the first night at Coronado Springs Resort:

Our first day, we're hitting up The Magic Kingdom:

We're not doing the No-So-Scary Halloween Party, but we will be seeing the usual electrical parade (though, I really miss SpectroMagic) and fireworks:


Then, once the park closes (midnight, I believe), we're heading over to the Hard Rock at Universal:

Staying on Universal Property gets us into the World of Harry Potter one hour earlier than the public, plus free unlimited fast passes for both of us (so we get to skip the full lines).

 I love Selfie Magic. You should too.

See more of Elena's photos of the Harry Potter world here.

We bought tickets for Halloween Horror Nights for our first day at Universal.

You can check out the intro video and a list of attractions here. Halloween Horror Nights is supposed to be phenomenal. I am certain to be scared out of my mind.

The trip is so close. I just can't wait.


  1. You're gonna have such a blast :-) It will totally make up for that rotten trip last time!
    Also, Brad looks like Garth Brooks in that shirt! dreamy!

  2. Ooh! Have fun!! When do you leave?

    Disney must look so cool around this time of year for fall and Halloween! Can't wait to see pictures you take!