Tim Holtz

I had a coupon for $10 off a $25 purchase at AC Moore last night so I headed over there after work. With Austin. Which was a bad decision. He started fussing the minute we walked in. I took him back to the car and changed him (he'd pooped) and brought him back in and the fussing started again. So I pretty much threw a couple of things in the basket and booked it.

Among those items, this paper pack, from Tim Holtz:

And these ink pads:

He's actually got a few other ink pads that might be worth getting - Old Paper and Antique Linen, but I haven't even tried these two yet so for now, I'll stay away. I am anxious to try out the inks with some of the Kraft paper I picked up at Michaels yesterday (after dropping Austin off at home, of course), for some vintage inspired tags, perhaps.

However, I'm a little stumped on the paper. Thinking maybe I could make some of the mini scrapbooks with it, but I'm really not sure...maybe just a vintage inspired kit, which I could include some of my truly vintage papers that I've been collecting recently? Do you have any suggestions for the Tim Holtz papers?

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  1. I have those inks too!
    I love that paper pack.. I think you could do a lot with it! I like that with the vintage (and fake vintage) that it looks really good chopped up... so even in small bits like bookmarks,cards, and mini notebooks it'll look cute!
    I think even an invitation card set, or recipe book using that paper and your typewriter would be a cool combo!