Tasty Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

I love homemade Mac & Cheese. But I love it with Buffalo Chicken even more.

We made this for the second time last night and it just rocks.

So, here's our recipe. It's not specific, so do it to your own taste:.

Get some chicken strips and cut them into bite size pieces. Coat with egg, and flour, and fry them up until they're a light golden brown and cooked through. Toss in hot sauce (Brad usually mixes this with some chili powder too).

While you're doing this, you should be boiling up your pasta (we use 1.5 boxes of casserole elbows) and melting your cheese. For our cheese, we first melt a bit of butter into 2 cups of milk. Then, we melt a large bag of pre-shredded white cheddar cheese along with a half a block of pepper jack cheese (for an added kick!) into the milk, forming a nice thick, cheesy sauce. We add a little more of the hot sauce to this mixture, too.

Once the pasta is cooked and the chicken is done, mix it all together in a large casserole dish. (Put in the pasta and the chicken and pour the cheese over it, then toss it all around to get the pasta coated with the cheese).

Top with plenty of Panko bread crumbs. (I never buy regular old bread crumbs anymore, the Panko ones are so much better!).

Bake for about 15-20 minutes, on 350, uncovered. :) It makes a nice big batch so you have plenty for leftovers too.

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