Previously, I posted a tutorial on how I organized my paper scraps. This is still working for me, but I have to admit, my scrap stash seems to be growing rather than getting smaller. I spotted another idea through Pinterest today that has me thinking.

I actually purchased a whole bunch of these magazine file holders from Ikea when I was organizing my craft room, and I have three packs still unopened because I overbought (but at $1.99 for 5, how could I not?) I am so loving this idea that I think I'll spend tonight moving my scraps into the sorters. Love that everything would be so visible.

While on the topic of Scraps, I wanted to share a few scrap-busting ideas I've come across as well. I'm hoping to spend some time using up my scraps using all this inspiration!

1 - Using scraps to make a Concentration/Memory game. This one features fabric scraps but I'd use my paper scraps the same way:

2 - Scrap bunting for greeting cards:

3 - Gift tags with scrap embellishments:

4 - This is a pillow, but how cute would this be to do with paper?

5 - Note cards using paper scraps:

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