Receipt Book

I made my own receipt pad tonight for the show on Sunday. Some (really bad) pictures, just so I could share. I plan to write up a proper tutorial on this in the future.

I designed some very quick pages in Photoshop Elements.

Cut to size.
Cut a piece of cereal box for the backing to the same size.
Tapped papers to line them up at the top edge, and held together with binder clips.
Coated the end with a layer of Mod Podge. Let dry about 5 minutes, and put another coat on.
All dry.
This was difficult to capture, but you can see how it's held together just like a notepad you'd find in the store.


  1. This stuff never ceases to blow my mind! lol! I know I am so easily impressed... but these are awesome :-)

  2. Actually, it amazed me too. I am so surprised at how the Mod Podge (or, apparently, any white glue, even Elmer's) can work just like notepad glue (padding compound).

  3. What a neat idea! Those came out great!

    Wishing you ladies a successful craft show on Sunday!!!! :-) I'm sure it will go well and all your hard work will pay off. Good luck!