Operation: Find more time (Step 1)

Step 1 - stop recording shows I'll never watch on DVR. Tonight, I'll be deleting the 30 combined episodes of Jerseylicious, Giuliana & Bill, and Tia & Tamera that are sitting on my DVR and cancelling the series recording settings.

Technically, this doesn't get me more time, but it does give the illusion of more time. Because in my mind, right now, I have to watch ALL THOSE SHOWS. Once I delete them, the stress of having them sitting there disappears.


  1. I agree with this!! I finally deleted all America's Got Talent, and like, 3 others that I just felt daunted by! lol Its to stupid, but so true.. it feels like we HAVE to watch them!

    I do loves me some Jerseylicious though. :-)
    I loved Sister Sister SO much, that I am really regretting watching Tia & Tamera, because they are both so unlikeable... I hate ruining my childhood loves!

  2. I agree about Tia & Tamera. I watched the first episode last night and all they did was complain about each other. One of them is pregnant and doesn't understand why she's not the Maid of Honor and how dare she be Matron of Honor, and the other can't handle the fact that the pregnant one has to take a pee!

  3. Hahha exactly, they are obnoxious! It is almost as traumatic for me as Dustin Diamond turning out the way he did (in real life).
    I don't know what I'd do if I heard that Ben Savage or Rider Strong were douchebags. It can ever happen!