Operation: Find more time (Steps 3 & 4)

Steps 3 & 4 - Organize phone & create a to do list. I think it's pretty much a given that being organized saves you time. Less time looking for where things are because they are nicely in their proper place. Preparing a to do list also saves a lot of mental stress. You aren't sitting there racking your brain to remember what it was you had to get done tonight.

Step 3 is completed. I've organized my iPhone apps into related folders and cleaned up my screen dramatically. Step 4 has been started and will always be on going.

Screenshots of my organized iPhone:

(You might notice the "Crafty" folder. There's a couple of apps in there I've recently purchased and plan to review for the blog). 

Below are a couple of screens of my To Do app. I paid for this app, but I love it. It was worth the price, because it has so much functionality. If you like to be SUPER organized, scheduling tasks and sub tasks, having checklists, putting in due dates and color coding, this app rocks for all of that. But if you like simple, it also has a very simple "unfiled" area where you can quickly jot down a list without having to code in locations and goals. I use it both ways. Unfiled for quick lists and for long term sections I create goals.

My goals and a sample of to dos under the Halloween goal.


  1. I LOVE keeping my phone organized. I do it just like my closet - if I haven't used something in a few months, I trash it. Some apps I thought I'd use constantly, and I never did.
    Being organized is SUCH a good feeling!

  2. I currently have the same wallpaper! I am loving switching out the project life backgrounds!

    Good job on the phone organization!