Operation: Find More Time (Step 6)

Step 6 - Shop online.

Some of this we already do. We have been having our diapers delivered via Amazon Mom's Subscribe & Save service. It is free shipping and diapers are loads cheaper than in the store (even with a coupon). We've just added wipes to this as well.

Starting this week & next, we'll be ordering our baby food through Amazon's subscribe & save.

And we are also going to begin a 2 month test of Stop & Shop's Peapod service. We'd discussed Peapod in the past, but are finally going to give it a shot. In order to make the most of this, though, we will have two deliveries a month (as each delivery will cost 6.95 delivery fee, plus tip, which is optional but Brad & I are tippers). I did find out you can save a buck or two on delivery charges depending on the time you schedule your delivery. If they are in the area at that time already, they will charge you less. You can also use coupons (you just give them to the driver and they credit your payment method or account).

I will be coming up with a two week at a time meal plan, so that we can buy exactly and only what we need and avoid anything frivolous. I think the initial setting up of a proper meal plan will take some time, but in the long run I think we'll be more organized (no thoughts about what to have for dinner) and we'll save time shopping around.

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