Operation: Find more time (Step 5)

Step 5 - Disconnect.

 Image from Soul City Blog

I am far too connected. To the internet, to texting, to Facebook. This week, I've decided to start "disconnecting" from the time I get home from work until Austin goes to bed. (Approximately a 2 hour period). My phone will be available in case someone calls me, but I plan to ignore all non-important texts, and email entirely.

This is only a small window of time, but it's a start. I can't disconnect entirely, because I run an internet-based business and need to be in contact with customers, but I sure can take a few hours to spend with my son in the evenings.

With regard to the weekends, I'm going to try to do the same. Check texts and email less frequently and focus more on Austin. He deserves it.

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  1. You will never regret unplugged time :-)
    We started unplugged Sundays a couple months ago but have fallen off the wagon since getting ready to move - but I cannot wait to be settled and start up unplugged again.

    The internet is so awesome yet so distracting!! :-)