Map Envelopes

Tonight I made these:

These are from a recent map, which I thought I'd try first, in case I messed up, but they came out really cute! The set has four envelopes (one is still drying) with flat white note cards with rounded corners. I got a map book from 1913 at the flea market last weekend (free!) that I plan to make many more sets with. So fun!

Update: It's been requested that I do a tutorial for these. I unfortunately haven't got the time to do a picture tutorial right now, but the steps are as follows:

- Take an envelope that you own, and open it up, being careful not to rip it.
- Trace the envelope shape onto a piece of cardstock (I actually used cereal box cardboard) for a template.
- Then use your template to lightly trace the outline of the envelope onto your map paper.
- Cut it out, fold where the folds should be (I use a bone folder to score the lines for the folds).
- Glue the bottom flap up to the side edges. When doing this, I put a piece of scrap paper in between the envelope so that the front doesn't get stuck to the back if I use too much glue.
- Place something over the envelope as it dries so the flap stays flat.
- Add a card or flat note card (4.25" x 5.5" in this case, since I used A2 envelopes).
- Optional step, add some homemade envelope glue to the flap (I don't know how to do this yet but I've seen people using some sort of gelatin/vinegar mix). Or use stickers or some fun tape to seal the envelope when you're ready to send it.

If you do a quick google for "making envelopes from maps" you'll find loads of tutorials, too :)


  1. They're amazing! Any chance you could post or link us to a tutorial?

  2. Hi there - I updated the post with the steps for making the envelope.