What is a reasonable amount of time to have to wait for a return call/email from a lawyer? A lawyer who does general stuff, not criminal law?

Situation: We met with a lawyer (not picked arbitrarily, this guy was a friend of my ex-boss) on August 23, to prepare wills, power of attorney for my mom when she's caring for Austin, and health proxies. He told us in the meeting, give me through the weekend to work on this and I'll email you next week.

Three weeks went by with no contact, so I called and spoke with his secretary on September 15th. No return call or email still.

I sent an email this past Friday the 23rd around 6pm to the email address on his website. No return email.

I called again around 1:30 this afternoon, and explained in more detail the situation to his secretary. That it's been over a month with zero contact, that I've left a message and sent an email, that we are going away very, very soon now and I'm getting a bit worried.

Still nothing almost 4 hours later.

Seriously, folks, what do I do? What is the next action? When should I expect him to call me? Do I send another email this evening?

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