Flea Market

On Sundays lately, I have really enjoyed getting up early (seriously) and taking Austin to the flea market with my mom. Even if I didn't buy anything (like that ever happens), I just really enjoy the time there. Walking, checking things out, and chatting with my mom.

Of course, I have been getting some major deals lately. Today, I spent a total of $40 (that included $2 for parking). I scored: a bag of old letters (which I want for the stamps/postmarks), a brand new set of 25 sheets of 4x6 photo page protectors (total of 100 photos), several old games (for the pieces), one of those rubber puzzle play mats for Austin, several toys for Austin, two large plastic box things (look like recipe card holders but larger) complete with tab separators (for ephemera/scrapbook kits), a box of 17 rubber stamps plus an ink pad (8 stamps which I'm putting up on Etsy tonight), a box of vintage match boxes, a vintage ruler, a large ledger book (to cut the pages for flash card notebooks), and a dictionary (for the pages). I think I'm probably forgetting something too. And my Uncle David bought Austin a piano.

Here's Austin playing with some of his new toys:

And this is how he felt about the day:

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