DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Been browsing today for ideas for the baby/toddler Halloween party I'm hosting next month. We have a lot of decorating to do, and I've found quite a few projects I'd like to make. Thought I'd share some Halloween crafts inspiration with all of you, rounded up from a few different blogs.

These first few were all spotted on Tatertots & Jello (a really, outstandingly creative blog I discovered this week), though in some cases I've linked to the original post on another blog.

Beaded spider (I've got all the stuff to make this already!)

Creepy Specimen Art (I've already got the punches required!)

Halloween Wreath (this one's a little too complicated for me, with no sewing skills, but I thought someone else would have fun making it). How cute!

These next ones were found on Dollar Store Crafts:

Milk Jug Lanterns - a less expensive alternative to the glass ones above

And some spotted on Craft Gossip:

And another really cute idea:

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