Calling all Googlers!

I am looking for these bracelets, in base metal (not sterling silver), in bulk. Cheap. Just the bracelets, no charms included. First person to find a site where I am able to order them from wins one of my shrink pendants. (Winner to be contacted with pendant options). Note: this may not be the first commenter - winner will be the first person to provide a valid ordering option (meaning, they must be in stock, inexpensive, base metal, and orderable without a wholesaler/resale license).

I've been searching and am having no luck. I bought a couple of the metal bracelet cuffs in Plymouth this weekend (one for me, one for Summer), and a couple of charms. Mine says "live, love, laugh." I thought it would be cool to use my jewelry wire and beads to make my own charms for it, so that I can match my wardrobe. Then I thought, it would be cool to make the charms and sell the bracelets in my jewelry shop. But first, I need to find the blank metal cuffs!

So, go to it!


  1. I can't find the prices of these anywhere, nor do I know if this is legit. But she's got a good selection, at least! Nothing as classy as the picture you have though...

    All pretty ones were too expensive!

  2. Hmmm. Those are all sterling silver, and I can't seem to see just the bracelet without a charm attached. But thanks for trying for me! You are google queen so maybe there just is no place to order them from!

  3. Yah.. I found a few that you could buy in bulk, but they were all sterling, and over $12 each, even in bulk.
    And the base metal ones all had the screw-off ball ends...

    I'll keep looking when I get a chance, though!