Apple picking and smiles

This weekend we went apple picking with the Castners :) Lindsay posted a few of the photos on her blog, and I swiped one :)

I've got a few others from my cell phone:

When we got home, I was playing with Austin for a bit and gave him one of those colored ring stacking toys. And then got him to pose for pictures, of course:

I have no idea where he gets it from - maybe his dad - but he is always so damn happy! To the point where if he fusses for a couple of minutes we get stressed out, because he hardly ever fusses. I don't know how I got so lucky.

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  1. Love the pics of Austin with the stacking rings! He is so smiley!

    Question: How do you get your images so large? Like the family shot of you guys from my blog, I always click the "large" option for my picture sizes when I post but they seem smaller than I want them to be. Definitely smaller than your family pic here. What am I doing wrong?