Thrifty Thursday: Gameboard Mini Notebooks

I picked up a dry erase game board with four games on it for just $1. (Actually, I bought about 10 of them). Then some dry erase markers - 4 for $1. I cut out the games individually, and also cut out a matching sheet of chipboard. Then I cut the pages from an old notebook - I picked up a huge box of old papers and notebooks for just $5 at the flea market - enough to make probably 100 notebooks! I punched the holes using my template, and wound the spiral binding through by hand, and presto! Interactive mini notebooks! Total cost for the materials for the notebook - less than 75 cents. Time spent to make them - about 30 minutes each. (All the cutting and punching by hand is a bit time consuming).

1 comment:

  1. These might be the most genius thing I have ever seen! We really could have used one of these in Spanish class :-)

    Seriously. adorable AND genius! (just like you!)