Stampin' Up Major Find!

This morning, I got up early and headed out to the flea market. My mom guilted me into going last night when we were leaving her house. I wasn't going to go. I was going to sleep in. But I got up, and called her as I was leaving. She told me she didn't go because it had been raining. I told her that too bad, I was picking her up because she made me get up to go!

It is a DAMN good thing we went. Besides about $20 spent on a ton of supplies for my paper crafting (blank papers for mini notebooks, old games, old maps, some books, some records, and various other items), I made the find of the century.

I came across a big box of rubber stamps. I asked how much for the box, and she told me $200. I couldn't do that. So I started to look through to see if there were some I wanted, but then I asked her if she would go down a little. She asked how much and I said "150?" It was a deal! I didn't know what was in the bin (it was HUGE) but I knew that stamps cost a lot and it was definitely worth it. Had to go to the ATM and everything.

When I got home, Shannon and I looked through it, and about 3/4 of it was all Stampin' Up complete stamp sets! Some of them never used, including one I'd been eyeing in the current catalog for $30! All but 3 sets were retired.  I looked up just the sets I could easily identify online and in the 3 in the catalog and came to a value of over $360! Just for the ones I could find online. Not including the other 10-15 sets and about 44 various stamps and sets of other brands like Hero Arts, Inkadinkadoo, and Stampendous.

I am OVER the moon. I did identify 6 sets right away I didn't think I'd ever use, and put them up on Etsy, so if you are interested in some retired Stampin' Up sets, check out my shop. I did some research and priced them all slightly lower than everyone else had them for, if I could find them at all. It appears the Christmas one is pretty rare, as is the Sympathy one.

Here's some shots of my loot. It wasn't just stamps, either. There was a Fiskar's paper crimper (never used), some Creative Memories circles/ovals that I plan to sell since I already own them, stamp cleaners, some ribbons and trims, eyelets, and a brayer.

The mass:
Stampin' Up sets:
 Miscellaneous stamps and sets:

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