Shrink Plastic Pendants

I made a bunch of pendants up, and am slowly getting them up into the Etsy store. It takes awhile to edit all the photos, so I have three up for now, and the rest will go up over the next two days.

The vintage-looking ones are actually made using images I scanned from vintage greeting cards that my mom gave me. I just love the mom and baby one! The Alice in Wonderland ones are using the brush set I found online. And then I made some butterfly shaped ones using my Cuttlebug die, and coloring with my Copics, and a couple of tiny pendants too, traced and colored with Copics.

Making the printable ones aren't as easy as the regular shrink plastic - it is difficult to a) figure out what size to print the image, and b) cut out the image. The printable plastic tends to curl a bit more than the regular plastic. And you have to seal the images or they could wear off. It took several tries before finding the right sealant - clear nail polish, of all things. I tried spray acrylic but it seemed to melt the plastic. Then I tried clear embossing powder and while it worked for a glaze, there was no way to keep the pendant from curling up again on itself. Finally several coast of clear nail polish did the trick. I use Orly In a Snap brand - I've always liked it the best of all the clear polishes I've used.


  1. dude! these look awesome. The mom & baby one is super sweet. I really love the vintage look. So cool! And you made so many!

  2. I never would have come up with something so clever. I adore these.