More Halloween Cards

More cell phone shots of what I made tonight. I was quite productive, actually:

Glittery Spider

Hard to see, but the ghost is glittery along the darkened outlines

Love this one!

Happy Halloween is stamped on the inside of this one

Love this one too! Cute pumpkins!

Same with the glitter on the ghost

And two more similar to yesterday's card

I am now off to give my Etsy shop a little bit of a pricing/shipping/description overhaul. I realized (and it was confirmed by numerous other Etsy-ers), that my prices are really a bit too low. I am making hardly no profit for all the time spent on these items, so I'll have to bump them up just a little. Still reasonable, but I do need to cover not only the material cost but some of my time spent, even though I at least enjoy what I am doing!

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