Just a Little Note - Typed Notecards

A few weeks ago, I was able to acquire an old typewriter (well, actually, two of them, but I opted not to bother using the manual one), from my grandmother. I ordered new ribbons for it, because I had the idea that I could use it in my crafting, somehow.

My ribbons arrived today, and, after getting ink all over my fingers while changing the ribbon, I sat down to make...something.

Came up with these note cards. I thought I could make them custom. I think they look cool. I like that each one will vary from the other and won't be perfectly lined up, because old typewriters aren't perfect and I think that's part of the charm. I have thoughts of possibly rounding the corners, or inking the edges, or perhaps using my airbrush pump to splotch some ink on the pages, but I haven't decided yet. Just playing around for now.

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