Jacuzzi and some rambling about photos

For those of you not on my LiveJournal, I took a jacuzzi with Austin last night for the first time, and he absolutely LOVED it. I held him like he was floating on his belly, and he kicked his legs and laughed and smiled the whole time. I was by myself so no pictures of the swimming (yet, I'll have Brad on that duty tomorrow night), but I did get a shot of him sitting on my lap in the tub. I edited the photo using FotoFlexer.(Cropped, cross processed, retro effect, blurred background, softened it up a bit and rounded the corners). Original photo was taken on my iPhone. You can see it here.

I've been really thinking about my photos lately, and about a DSLR camera. I have one picked out, a recommendation from my photographer, but it's definitely no small purchase (camera and lens go for $750 on Amazon, and that doesn't include the external flash, though it does apparently have a built in one), so I'm waiting for Brad to find room in our budget for it. He did mention that perhaps in the next few months we might be able to get it, and I'm excited about the possibility. But before then, I'm working on editing my photos that I'm taking with my crappy point and shoots. I would LOVE to find a way to achieve photos like the ones on this blog, and I know to start with, I need a better camera, but I also know that there are definitely photoshop tricks I can try to help edit the ones I'm taking now. I just need the time to do it and finding time is impossible right now. But, really, I'd love it if every photo I posted on Facebook and on my blogs had the perfect look to it. I'm going to try harder to edit them first. Sigh. Can I add another 8 hours to every day? One without a baby, household cleaning, or work interrupting me?

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